Q&A: Dealing With a Belligerent Homeowner

Q. My question is in regards to a verbally abusive homeowner that attends meetings to yell at and berate the board members. I, the board president, was singled out and yelled at during our last meeting and it’s really scary. Some of his issues are with landscaping in the common areas and how the issues are not being taken care of fast enough for him. Because of recent events here in Las Vegas, it scares me even more - it feels like he could just walk into the next meeting and blow us all away.

He also utilizes the Nextdoor neighborhood app to go on rants about the board—by name calling and personally attacking the board.

My question is, what are my (or our) rights as a board when this man does this next time? Am I permitted to ask him to leave the meeting? It’s held in an IHOP restaurant during regular business hours. Am I permitted to tell him that I won’t respond to him until he changes his tone?

As far as his online slander, I plan to contact the moderator of the Nextdoor app upon his next tirade, so it’s the actual meetings that hold my true concern.

 —Fearing What’s Next


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